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I was born in Edmonton, Alberta. Growing up I loved film and watched the TCM channel religiously. I didn't think as I was growing up that I would ever be making film, but as I entered my 20's, filmmaking found me. Having friends working on different projects, I got roped into different roles and eventually found that shooting projects was my happy place. After that, I pursued Cinematography full time. 

I also love golf, cocktails, and travel. While we work, I will most likely be talking about those three things (preferably over drinks after we wrap.) Let me know if you want to shoot something, play a round of golf, or grab a drink. 

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Behind the Scenes
Filming Location
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What I’ve Worked On


No Bedroom

A Short Film about a woman who puts her place up for rent so she can meet new strangers and see them move through her space. 


Canadian Brewhouse National Ad Campaigns

Five national ads for Canadian Brewhouse. You'll probably see one  while you watch your next NHL hockey game.


That's all I'm saying' Music video

A music video for the Bobby Tenderloin Experience. It's a country video filled with romance and fantasy. 

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